T-Mobile updates Sidekick line with two new models

sidekick-lx.jpgT-Mobile has just introduced a couple more communication devices to their stable of products that target the high end market, and they are the Sidekick LX and Sidekick Slide. The former is a cellphone cum messaging device that has its roots firmly laid in the Sidekick 3 model, boasting updated features to further help increase your efficiency when it comes to firing away text messages and composing emails on the go. One of the Sidekick LX’s strong points would be the highly crisp 32- x 240 QVGA widescreen anti-reflective display technology that was the result of taking a leaf out of Sharp’s book when it came to the Aquos line of LCD displays. Since Sharp manufactures the LX model, it makes perfect sense to throw in this useful addition into the final product – after all, it is a no brainer of a decision to do so. I can’t recall the number of times I had to find cover while walking under the sun, trying to make out what the text message was trying to convey.

Other notable features of the Sidekick LX include a microSD memory card slot that turns your device into a photo, video, and music joint. Unfortunately, the camera has a maximum resolution of just 1.3 megapixels, so you probably won’t be using this to capture images during important events. Currently, the Sidekick LX has been reported to launch sometime next October, in particular, the 24th although those reports have yet to be confirmed. It would not be too far off the mark to say that T-Mobile will be offering the Sidekick LX for $300 along with a 2-year contract.

As for the Sidekick Slide, it pretty much shares the same functions as the Sidekick LX but will have Motorola as the manufacturer, so you can forget about that anti-reflective display. The screen on the Slide slides up (hence its name), and will probably launch sometime early November and retail for approximately $200 and a 2-year T-Mobile contract.

Source: Daily Tech