iRobot expands it’s RoboLine

by James


Following the success of the Roomba robotic vaccum and the Scooba robotic floor cleaner, iRobot announced two new roboGadgets at this year’s Digital Life convention. One can be considered a Godsend for dads who are mired in the fall ritual of cleaning out the drain gutters on the roof, while the second is an ideal option for those who find themselves traveling a lot on business and want to check in at home.

Affectionately known as the “Looj,” the remote control bot uses rotating rubber blades to blast fallen leaves and other debris out of gutters. The technology is based the “Pack Bot” made by iRobot for the US military. Cost is $99.

Looj Gutter Bot

The ConnectR communications robot, is robotic webcam that can be controlled from anywhere in the world via web interface. Users not only check to make sure everything is okay at home, but it can be remotely navigated around the house to check out every nook and cranny thanks to it’s wide-angle views and zoom that is good enough to read text.

ConnectR Webcam Robot

Not only can it be used in a surveillance capacity, but it can also be used as a communications device. The video camera mounted on the ConnectR also works as an advanced VoIP for two way communications.

And those who are concerned about privacy need not worry as the ConnectR has some pretty good security features including prompting visitors to enter a unique acess code set up by the home owner to control access.

Cost is speculated to be around $400.

Source: CRAVE

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Frank L Says: November 9, 2007 at 11:43 am

Based upon the fact that my Roomba broke after just a couple dozen uses and that Irobot or Brookstone failed to respond to my letters, calls and visits, I would never buy another Irobot product again.

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