iMONO 39-in-1 Card Reader reads SIMs too


Just when you thought your multi memory card reader was complete, along comes the iMONO 39-in-1 Card Reader that is capable of reading contents off your phone’s SIM card as well. It is also interesting to note that it is compatible with the new SDHC 2.0 standard, enabling you to keep up with the times without breaking the bank. Good to note it also takes in M2, SIM, and microSD memory cards directly without the need for an adapter. The iMONO 39-in-1 Card Reader retails for just $17 from Brando.

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1 thought on “iMONO 39-in-1 Card Reader reads SIMs too”

  1. Worst card reader ever. I take good care of the computer peripherals I buy, but this one failed for no apparent reason in record time! Also, it somehow managed to corrupt my SD card in the process.

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