iPod Party Speaker rocks the house


ipod-party-speaker.jpgWe all know that there are iPod speakers, and then there are iPod speakers. What you see here looks like an ordinary PA system, but it holds a dirty little secret – there is an iPod dock built right inside it, enabling you to let all and sundry listen to your favorite tunes no matter where you are. As to whether the general public agrees with your eclectic choice of music, that remains to be seen – but one thing’s for sure; you’ll definitely be able to broadcast your digital audio collection on the spot. In essence, the name “iPod Party Speaker” suits this device perfectly.

This PA system does not come with dials that can be cranked all the way to 11, but it is still touted to be “the ultimate in mobile party system.” I forsee this to be a surefire winner at any party, and it would be nice to see it being splash- or water-proof, since parties often come with the usual amount of booze and we know all too well what normally happens when folks get sloshed – they start acting irrationally, and their sense of balance and perception goes bonkers, hence running a higher risk that some bozo with butterfingers will amble along the iPod Party Speaker, spilling their drink all over it and thus ending the party too early for its own good.

Features of the iPod Party Speaker include a mains cable and an internal rechargeable battery that boasts a continuous playback time of a dozen hours – definitely long enough to keep you going till the sun rises and your neighbors get ready to leave for the office. It is not only compatible with your iPod, but works just fine with other CD and MP3 players. Heck, you can even take the iPod Party Speaker and go busking with it since it accepts musical instruments as well – just make sure you have the musical talent to go along in order to form a profitable partnership with this portable wonder. If you’re interested in picking up the iPod Party Speaker, it is currently available for approximately £150.

Source: Pocket Lint

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