Bad news for unlocked iPhone owners


iphone-unlocked-trouble.jpgApple definitely isn’t too pleased when it saw its highly desirable iPhone being freed from AT&T’s supposedly iron tight grip, no thanks to the efforts of individuals across the globe who wanted the recognition of being the person who cracked the iPhone. It is somewhat a replay of the Matrix all over again, where a few ‘enlightened’ ones wants the whole world to enjoy the iPhone without being shackled by terms and conditions laid down by AT&T with each purchase. Apple surely hasn’t remained dormant after all the initial uproar of unlocked iPhones, and has recently issued a warning towards all customers that future firmware updates for the iPhone will render unlocked iPhones unusable – definitely a big price to pay if you have already forked out $599 during launch or $399 after the recent price cut.

This is a turnabout from the beginning when Apple’s Greg Joswiak mentioned that “the Cupertino giant is neutral about seeing third-party software running on its handheld, and that no engineer there will write code with the clear purpose of overriding somebody else’s software. However, if that does actually happen, Apple cannot be responsible for the outcome.” Right now, the company certainly has brought out the knives against those folks who have unlocked their iPhones, claiming that future firmware updates could potentially conflict with the modified software running on the “UniquePhone”, potentially leading to permanent damage and warranty loss. The situation is pretty tense, I must say, as the next major update for the iPhone will happen this week and one of the most touted features include the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store that enables both iPhone and iPod Touch owners to wirelessly download tracks while enjoying a hot cup of Joe at Starbucks.

Are you an owner of an unlocked iPhone? If the answer is affirmative, what are your plans concerning this upcoming update as well as Apple’s stand?

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FLATLINE Says: December 15, 2007 at 11:01 am

Apple/At&t Your just delaying the inevitable. We will have open source phones with choices of software from all sorts of 3rd party developers. We will not buy your ring tones, wallpaper, Applications, MP3’s, and Video. We will get our own for free. Learn your place the consumer is king. We own you. Get on the wagon now or you will perish. This is a warning.

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