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mp3-alarm-clock.jpgI’ve always wondered why all MP3 players do not come with some sort of alarm clock feature – now that would definitely be handy especially for those of us who prefer to wake up to our favorite artists instead of the standard loud and brash alarm. The MP3 Digital Alarm Clock fits the bill perfectly, bringing to the table 2GB of internal memory, an integrated FM tuner, an SD/MMC memory card slot, and a backlit LCD display. The speaker system that comes with it ain’t too shabby either, featuring a booming 2 x 4W output that will definitely rouse you from your slumber. Pricing starts from $50.34 and goes downwards as the volume increases.

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Richard Says: September 25, 2007 at 1:32 pm

just wanted to say that a lot of Mp3 players DO come with a Alarm feature

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