Advanced UMPC communicator, by Elektrobit

by Andi

littleMIMDHere’s a new and advanced UMPC built by the Finnish company Elektrobit (or just EB). It’s called the MIMD or Mobile Internet Media Device, and features a slew of connectivity, media and navigation features.

The form factor might seem familiar, as it’s almost a replica of the Sony Vaio UMPC’s. However, the build is a bit different, there’s other hardware inside and the software is completely another thing.

Let’s begin with the hardware: here’s a short list of what’s known to be crammed inside:

  • the new Intel Menlow platform – a new, fast and power efficient technology that should become an UMPC standard soon
  • a 3,2 MPx camera and a 4,8 inch high res touch display (what resolution exactly, I don’t know)
  • many connectivity standards:WiFi, WiMax, HSDPA, Bluetooth
  • a GPS receiver
  • a slide-out qwerty keyboard, in addition to the always-available essential keys

A nice thing would be the fact it runs linux. This allows for fast booting, high operation speed, and lots of free software that’s available. Linux has been used on other UMPCs, but it’s lovely to have a team that’s dedicated to creating a distribution and the drivers explicitly required by the device. This way, all the often-occuring compatibility issues are as good as gone, and the user experience is smooth and pleasant.

Unfortunately, the device won’t be sold directly, but just licensed as an OEM/ODM product, so we should all hope that the right people are interested.

Here’s a bigger picture, and a link to the product page, where’ you’ll also find a data sheet.


Found via NavGadget.

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