Vista users get downgrade option


vista-downgrade-xp.jpgIt is pretty ironic that Microsoft is now offering the option for Vista Business and Ultimate users to downgrade their operating systems to Windows XP instead. This move applies only to buyers of new machines that come with Vista Business/Ultimate, so those who have picked machines that are pre-loaded with Vista Home/Enterprise are out of luck. I personally have not made the jump to Vista yet when I got my Dell Inspiron, and after hearing all the horror stories connected to Microsoft’s latest OS, I guess I made the right choice – for now, at least.

Source: Engadget

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Neagle Says: September 22, 2007 at 8:54 am

All but one of my systems are running XP Pro and are solid systems. My newest laptop, a Toshiba after my Compaq’s meltdown runs Vista Home Premium. I am pissed that programs such as Picture It not only have been discontinued but seemingly purposefully been made to operate poorly under Vista. Also the apparent attempt to lock down Vista’s ability to share files is a pain as well. By the way if you network a printer through a Vista system you have to make an individual password for every system that networks to that printer. Firefox 8.0 seems to have some compatibility issues as well but, I’m sure the open source community will resolve the problem soon.

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