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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that cats are often more stuck up when compared to their canine counterparts in the animal kingdom. These felines often come and go as they please and answer to nobody’s call (except nature, of course). What’s that old saying again – the cat is the human’s master, while it is the other way round where dogs are concerned. I’m sure many a cat lover have come across instances where their beloved pets start to dart around the room chasing after some form of imaginary mouse, pawing at the air for no apparent reason? What about those times where your cat starts to meow incessantly as you’re trying to catch a nap after a hard day at work, and despite all your coaxing, little Puss in Boots just won’t stay quiet? It is during those times that you wish you could read what your feline friend is thinking, and this is where the Meowlingual Cat Translation device comes in handy.

Available from purveyors of everything fancy and fun, Takara Tomy’s Meowlingual device looks set to be a holiday hit when it is released this November. At long last, you’ll be able to grasp what your kitty is trying to convey through its purring and meowing. I suppose there will be hiccups during the translation just like all those machine translation software we use today, but at the very least, any effort to bridge the communication gap is better than none, right?

Retailing for $75 a pop, the Meowlingual Cat Translation device ships in different colors and works in a simple manner. All you need to do is hold the cat-shaped device near to your pet and wait for an audio translation. Some of the phrases include “I can’t stand it”, although I have a feeling that this is probably some sort of Magic 8-Ball game for your cat. After all, if you knew Cat-speak (or should I say, Catglish? Catalese? Catese? Crench?), surely by now you would’ve been able to amass an army of cats to work on your behalf when it comes to taking over the world with a little bit of reverse engineering, language-wise.

Source: American Inventor Spot

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thomas ayele Says: November 30, 2007 at 10:35 am

i am looking a device that could be fitted in the computer in order to translate in our local language. A translating device manfutures to work with us. because our first language is our local language.

Your faithfully,

Thomas Ayele

bucket Says: January 29, 2008 at 6:51 pm

ummm… who thinks of this shit?

Alliss Says: April 16, 2008 at 7:47 pm

I wanna know where I can buy it ^^ plz give me links =)

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