Electronic Spin the Bottle Game


Spin the bottle
This has got to be the nerdiest way to play spin the bottle, ever!

This isn’t your parents’ Spin the Bottle. Back in their day, they actually had to use a gross empty bottle that didn’t spin very well. Borrrring! Electronic Spin the Bottle takes the old party favorite out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century. The see-through blue plastic bottle lights up when you spin it and makes cool sound effects as it whizzes around. When it comes to a rest, the light beaming out of the bottle cap will leave no doubt as to whom it is pointing to. Over 130 commands are programmed into 3 categories: Truth, Dare or Kiss/Forfeit. Tell the truth – which teacher is the most boring? We dare you to dance under the table! Will you kiss the spinner’s nose, or will you forfeit? The bottle is held in place by a stand, so you can really give it a good spin, and let the fun begin!

You can get the electronic version of “Spin the Bottle” from Amazon for $24.98, found via Geek Alerts.

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