Broadcast television finally comes to Mobile Media

by James

VDO PN6000

One thing that has always kept me from being truly impressed by personal video players is the fact that even though you can play any video you want, you can’t enjoy anything live while you’re on the go. So, that means that sporting events are out until you get home to watch on the TIVO. As such, I’ve always felt that media players with video were really only doing half the job.

Well, Siemens VDO Dayton seems to share that point of view and they don’t even make a video player. Their PN 4000 and PN 6000 navigation systems offer as standard equipment a DVB-T receiver for digital TV reception. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

A pair of highly sensitive offers clear television reception – even when you’re traveling on the AutoBahn. And what’s really cool is that it has a dual tuner for built in redundancy to guarantee you won’t miss a minute. Wow, I had no idea Europeans were that serious about “Must See TV.”

The PN4000 & PN6000 come with 4.3 and 5.3” screens respectively which can also display screen text, subtitles, and the electronic program listings for the next four days. There’s also an SD slot for bringing along your own videos and music. An optional Bluetooth module is available for a truly hands-free experience.

Sadly, it’s not available in the States as DVB-T is a European standard. But if it were, every sports fan on the continent would own one.

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