Madd Sportz Inflatable Body Board


inflatable-waveboard.jpgThe Madd Sportz Inflatable Body Board brings more fun to the beach, and is a great casual replacement for a surfboard as you can always inflate it at your destination instead of lugging something so huge all the way.

Made from a tough rubber and covered with nylon to avoid skin irritation, these boogie boards are extremely durable and very light. They also come fitted with 2 handles at the front, so you can position yourself with ease on top of the board in order to ride big or small waves. It’s tough enough for experienced surfers to use in very big waves and has a cushioned surface that is kind to both small and large tummies.

Don’t worry about getting started the moment you reach the beach as the included mini hand pump will be able to inflate it within seconds. The Madd Sportz Inflatable Body Board can be purchased for £19.95 and comes in blue/orange and yellow/pink colors.

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