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davinci-luxury-turntable.jpgThere are still certain folks who think that the best musical experience is still through an analog turntable, where sound is much “warmer” compared to the cold, lifeless digital format. For those in that camp, the DaVinciAudio Labs AAS Gabriel turntable ought to fit the bill. It’s design was inspired by the same process that was used to cut grooves into masters for vinyl discs. Theoretically, this approach would mean it is the most ideal playback environment where records are concerned, as virtually zero noise or vibration are produced. Unfortunately, such level of perfection can only be attained if you have deep pockets as the Luxury Edition (in 24-karat gold and white, no less) retails for $41,250 while the more affordable silver and black version costs $35,400.

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kingofthenerds Says: September 13, 2007 at 1:55 pm

sound quality from records generally are better. the only thing about records are that they are more prone to physical wear and tear. given a brand new, never played record and a quality stylus and turntable, you will achieve sound that is much ‘warmer’ with a much wider dynamic range than its digital counterparts. MP3 quality is garbage. even CD quality is nothing compared to hi-fi standards. you need some sort of lossless format with no compression to even get close to ideal vinyl quality. just my 0.02. =)

Neagle Says: September 16, 2007 at 3:18 pm

It’s still only arecord player.

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