Triketek X2 Arrow is one wacky vehicle

triketek-x2-arrow.jpgWith the advent of design and technology these days, it is not uncommon to see some impractical yet fun designs crop up at motor shows and other exhibitions. Take the Triketek X2 Arrow for instance that is currently on display at Frankfurt – this uniquely styled, low-profile trike is one ride that offers both the driver and passenger the indescribable experience of having the wind blowing against your face in a vehicle that boasts the snappy handling of a motorcycle as well as the roll-cage safety of a sports car. Of course, others might beg to differ about it being open air since the quality of air around us these days have deteriorated ever since the first Model T roamed our roads last century. Read on more about the Triketek X2 Arrow after the jump.

Essentially a cruising trike, you won’t benefit from too many horses under the hood as its main focus is on rider and passenger comfort, so you can forget about smoking that snobbish driver in his sports car at a red light. The standard X2 Arrow comes with a 61hp, 95Nm petrol engine that can hit a top speed of 156kmh, while those who are more adventurous can always settle for the 82hp turbocharged version. Safety features include roll cages protecting the driver and passenger, ABS, traction and stability control, brake assist, electronic brake distribution and sports seating with harness belts.

All in all, the Triketek X2 Arrow sounds like a novelty ride for those with extra dosh to spend. After all, with a price tag of €24,000 plus applicable taxes for the base model, you could pick up a relatively sporty sedan for that amount. For those who want a little bit more bite in their ride, they will have to fork out €32,700 for the turbo Ultima Model. Each purchase comes with a 4-year warranty and requires servicing at 10,000km intervals, attesting to its reliability. As at press time, Triketek is seeking international dealership partners. It had better come equipped with compartments to store raincoats and goggles just in case the heavens open up on both rider and passenger unexpectedly.

Source: Gizmag