Track your Pets with PetCell

by James


Two years ago, we had what may be the worst Christmas morning as a family. That’s because our dog disappeared overnight. We spent all Christmas Day looking for him and the next week was spent putting flyers all over the neighborhood, announcing it on radio, and posting on sites like Craigslist pictures with hope that someone would call us and say come get him.
Two weeks later, we got him back. He had gone on a “walkabout” and ended up 50 miles away – although in reality, someone found him down the street and took him home. They made a few calls with the number on his collar and finally, we were put in touch with the one who found him and got our dog back. But the holidays were a mixed bag that year since we had no idea where our pet was. This must’ve been the motivation behind PetsMobility’s PetCell.

The PetsCell™ is the first voice enabled waterproof GPS cell phone for pets. Combining GPS technology with a built-in cell phone, the PetsCell™ delivers not only pet tracking but automatic notification every time your bet wanders outsite a preprogrammed boundary. And you can even call your dog’s PetCell just say hello and get him to bark. And because it’s two way, anyone who finds your pet can simply give you a ring on the collar and collect the lost reward.

PetsMobility also makes PawTRAX™ an online tracking system that lets users to track their pets via the Internet, monitor their surrounding temperature and more.

Here’s hoping they come up with a cool gadget to paper train a puppy!

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