Rowd Ascrmbel (can you guess what it is yet?)


Ok, so you may not have heard of the “Rowd Ascrmbel”, so how about the “Word Scamble” hand held puzzle, the concept being that you unscamble letters for form words. This’ll keep you and your friends busy for quite a time me thinks.

With over 4,500 words available to scamble and with 3 levels of difficulty, you could quite easily while away several hours. Also would be a great gadget to occupy the kids on long journeys (until they start asking “how do you spell …….?”)


You compete against the clock and have 5 minutes to unscramble as many words as you can. If you get completely stuck, you can press the “hint” key – but you only get 3 tries before you start losing points.

I think this is definitely one of those addictive games and there’ll be a queue of people wanting to have “just one more go; I’ve got to beat my last score/your highest score”. And so the circle will continue (or should that be leccir!)

At only £9.95 available from Firefox, it’s a great Christmas pressie idea (I’ve already got several people in mind to receive this in their Christmas stocking this year). Could be I’ll get a bit of peace and quiet while the kiddies open their pressies on Xmas morn (particularly the “grown up” child aka Al!)

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