TouchTable – a modern take on Defense against the Dark Arts


touchtable.jpgNorthrop Grumman is a name synonymous with missile systems as well as other military gear, and the TouchTable is on the company’s long list of devices available as well. Also known as an “integrated collaboration environment”, the TouchTable is basically a projection display that comes complete with a touch sensitive screen, resembling somewhat those hi-tech displays we saw in sci-fi flicks like the Matrix Revolution and Minority Report. In order to get the full picture, the ICE setup will tap into satellite imagery, combining itself with maps and other data sources. Northrop Grumman just delivered the TouchTable to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last month, and for those who are interested to catch a glimpse of it, it will be showcased at a defense conference in London sometime this coming week.

The FAA has plans to install the TouchTable in its Cyber Security Incident Response Center, allowing security staff to control CAD images of a building whenever a cyber “event” is being held, where relevant data can be accessed via a live feed from a security system. There will be a couple of versions for those interested in the TouchTable – an 84″ screen model with a resolution of 1,600 x 1,200, and a 45″ model at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. The larger model will come with dual external displays so that your ocular implants (I meant eyes) will be able to take in the entire view on things without any squinting.

What are some of the practical uses for this new system? It can be used to analyze urban sprawl, terrorist threats, evacuation routes, or even mission operations – totally revolutionizing the way people thing and interact with information. Analysts, planners, and tactical personnel will be given the ability to visualize areas of interest while maintaining ready access to data sources. Not only that, the TouchTable is capable of detecting the location and movement of users’ hands on its surface, changing the projected image dynamically in real-time. Guess everything these days seem to be touch-based in some way or another, and soon the stylus could be mightier than the sword (never mind the pen).

Source: New Launches

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