PocketSurfer 2 for speedy mobile Web access

pocketsurfer2.jpgAs the world gets more and more connected, it makes perfect sense for virtually all new devices to come with some sort of Internet connectivity. Take the humble cellphone for instance – it first began as a communications device, with more and more features thrown in until you get virtually tiny computers packed in a cellphone casing that lets you surf the Web as long as there is a connection – although the relatively small screen size and inferior input system will still irk those who want something more serious. The Nintendo DS Lite and Sony PSP also are capable of going online via WiFi, but it seems that support for the former will stop in the near future where the DS Browser is concerned, as Nintendo discovered most people would rather use their handheld console for gaming instead. The PocketSurfer 2 on the other hand is a purely portable Web surfing product, and you can read more about it after the jump.

The makers of PocketSurfer 2 sure have plenty of confidence in their product, challenging folks at their booth in IFA 2007, “If your PDA or Smartphone downloads web-pages faster than the PocketSurfer, you get a free PocketSurfer.” To date there has not been any word on somebody taking on that challenge and bringing home the PocketSurfer 2, which means two things; one, the PocketSurfer 2 worked as advertised, and two, nobody could give two hoots about using their mobile device to disprove the PocketSurfer 2’s efficiency. I’d personally settle for the former, but the latter is an interesting thought.

This tiny device features a 640 x 240 color widescreen display and a backlit QWERTY keyboard for easy data input. While it connects via GPRS, the web pages still load at amazingly fast speeds due to Datawind’s acceleration technology that pre-compresses Web content at the Datawind server end before it is sent, putting most of the other 3G devices to shame in the process. The PocketSurfer 2 will retail for approximately US$310 for those who are interested.

Source: Gizmag

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  1. Andrew – it’s not the same thing – the iphone will still take ages to download a page. Those ages are paid for in minutes of connection time…

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