Keep Junior in tip top shape

juniorgym.jpgI suppose it is never too early to start exercising, and this Junior Gym might just do the trick.

Designed specifically for children the bright new Junior Gym range includes a stepper, rowing machine, treadmill, walker and static exercise bike. Although it will be great fun to use, the equipment is not a toy and has been robustly constructed with features including gel seats and padded handlebars. The exercise bike and treadmill also have an electronic watch showing time, distance and energy used. Parents will welcome the chance for children to exercise in a fun way at a time when so much attention is focused on establishing a healthy diet and lifestyle.

At least it helps your little ones spend their energy in a more beneficial way instead of making a nuisance of themselves in the house by running up and down the stairs for the umpteenth time.

Product Page via Red Ferret