Interview game on the DS


mensetsu.jpgIs there nothing the DS cannot do? For starters, it comes with the extremely engaging Nintendogs title that definitely sold a slew of consoles as well as copies of the game itself as everyone took on the challenge of a more grown up Tamagotchi. Then came along Brain Age that had the whole world talking, as you find people dressed in smart suits discussing their respective brain ages with each other on the subway. Follow that up with some Cooking Mama that gives you a semblance of what life in the kitchen is all about, while Yoga and Face Training are non-game titles that help you achieve greater flexibility and relaxation in your life. Next up is Mensetsu no Tatsujin: Tenshoku-Hen – a title that will hit Japan on October 25th itself, helping users improve their interviewing skills.

Yes, you heard me right – a title on the DS that actually helps nervous first timers ace that corporate position they’ve been eyeing for? You first start off by choosing the occupation of your choice, and this ranges from sales to technical. After that, you will be able to cycle through practice questions, building up the mental fortitude to be able to handle the real scenario on the actual day itself. There is an internal calendar within the game to mark your big day. I wonder whether there is a refund should you follow the techniques shown here and yet fail to land that job.

As silly as this might sound, I too wonder whether the title also warns those green eyed boys (and girls) about the dangers of office politics as well as the rare skill of talking your way to the top without having to lift a finger. Should you be in Japan on October 25th, you can always pick up this title. Just don’t let your boss see it!

Source: Siliconera

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