Creation Station turns your kid into a Spielberg

by James

Rip Roar Creation Station

It used to be that every kid wanted to be either a cowboy, the President of the United States or an Astronaut. But since the advent of video cameras and personal computers, most kids now want to be Stephen Spielberg when they grow up. And with the YouTube Revolution giving budding filmmakers a distribution channel to showcase their films, you don’t even need Hollywood anymore.

But what you do need are tools. This is where a company called Rip Roar Media comes in handy with a very affordable solution called the Creation Station that allows kids to capture, edit and create fun videos, but they use special effects as well. Imagine seeing him or her walking on the moon, or hanging precariously from the landing gear of a fast moving helicopter. Sounds dangerous, doesn’t it? But not when they can use the roomy green screen that comes with the integrated software. Now your young hyphenate (writer, producer and director) can use to put himself in the action.

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In addition, the included camera and tripod provides an affordable solution than borrowing dad’s hitech (and more expensive) HD rig. The editing interface seems as simple to use as dragging and dropping the source footage. And, with one touch of a button, the green screen gets keyed out in favor or a still or motion background. The utility even comes with it’s own background footage and stills – over 100 examples for them to experiment with. Or, they can shoot and import their own. When the film is “in the can,” your budding Demille can upload directly to YouTube with a simple click.

The Creation Station is available on pre-order from Amazon for a very affordable $129 – camera and tripod included!

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Bookwyrm Says: November 22, 2007 at 7:16 pm

Bleah. Microsoft-only seriously reduces the value of this product, to my mind. If they published Linux and OSX software for it, I could really see potential, but the last thing I want to do is hook kids on the Evil Empire.

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