Spyglasses get cool, but expensive

by James

Spycatcher spyglasses

There’s a great scene in Mission: Impossible (starring Tom Cruise) where he puts on a cool pair of glasses that have an invisible spy camera built into the lenses. As he walks into a foreign embassy, the video is streamed live to his cohorts who monitor his progress.

Well, spyglasses haven’t evolved to that point, but at least they’ve reached a point where the glasses are fashionable, rather than an homage to “Revenge of the Nerds.” But sadly, in this case, spytech with fashion sense also translates into a drain on the pocketbook. But we all must suffer to look good, don’t we? Even today’s spy has to carry off the look. And we can credit the Brits for making it happen. Spycatcher of Knightsbridge is offering a personal digital video recorded with sunglasses that have a built in camera.

The camera in this stylish pair of glasses is hidden within the frame and records clear audio and color video allows you to film whatever you look at. It records in either NTSC or PAL with about 350 lines of horizontal resolution at a sadly low-rez 510×492 (NTSC) 500×582(PAL). This is due to the small 1/4″ Interline CCD.
Good news though is that is has a low light lux rating of 0.5 Lux and has a variable electronic shutter that goes from 1/50 – 1/100,000.

Cost is a staggering $1652

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