Ninja or Pirate (Batteries)


Pirate vs Ninja Batteries

Who’s harder, the pirate or the ninja, it can now be scientifically proved thanks to, errr, batteries.

Each battery looks like a regular AA battery, but sometimes looks can be deceiving. For the Ninja vs Pirate Batteries are packed with Ninja Stealth Power or Pirate Plunder Power goodness. Are we claiming these batteries last longer than normal AA batteries? No, but they look about a bajillion times cooler. And if you have to buy batteries for your gadgets anyway, why not have them look as slick as possible? Of course, you could always use Ninja Batteries in place of throwing stars and Pirate Batteries in place of musket balls, but we recommend using them for their intended use: to power your stuff!

Both sets of batteries are available from Think Geek, grrrr.

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