i-Sing – MP3 Recording Karaoke Player

MP3 Recording Karaoke Player

In case all the other Karaoke gadgets that we previously mentioned at CG don’t please your highly needs, maybe the MP3 Recording Karaoke Player is what you’ve been looking for. I can see some positive points when comparing it to others of the same kind, like not needing to spend money on the unique CDs that normal Karaoke machines use.

While using the MP3 Recording Karaoke, you only need to (legally) download songs from the internet and transfer them to the computer via the USB port, with the help of the included special software you can start singing your favorite songs in no time. And guess what? The final result, be it good or bad, is automatically recorded to a MP3 file.

If you seriously think that your voice is a match with a specific song, you can mute the vocal sound of the original track. On the other hand, if the final result is not that good, you can adjust it by lowering the sound of the original vocals – creating what is hopefully a good back-up voice.

The MP3 Recording Karaoke Player is able to read WMA, WAV and MP3 files, it comes with a microphone (duh), a headphone jack in case you don’t want to disturb others, and a speaker so you can actually share the experience with other people. If the 512MB of memory isn’t enough, there is a card slot for SD and MMC memory cards so you can expand the storage capacity.

As for the battery life, 5 hours is the limit point and a full recharge takes about 4 hours. I seriously hope the software is special cause I’m not seeing how the lyrics will be transferred/created.

Price: $120

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Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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  1. hi! i was just wondering if your MP3 recorder/player karaoke has the capability of muting the vocal of any music down loaded from internet or is it only for american music. thanks!

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