Space Putty for restless hands


space-putty.jpgIf you’re one to fiddle with the telephone line or doodle during a conversation, the Space Putty would definitely offer more fun.

It’s squidgy, bouncy, runny and yet hard, this Space putty is an un-put-downable liquid lava goo. What once used to be silly, and occasional potty, has now become spacey. These iridescent pots of putty could not be more addictive to play with. It’s a ‘love at first squeeze’ thaing, no meeting or moment of idle thought is complete without a lump of this malleable magic stuff in your hands. You can mould it, bounce it, shatter it, stretch it, or in the case of the Iridescent Green one, even watch it change colour as you play with it. What you can’t do with it however, is put it down. You have been warned, Space Putty is highly addictive.

Choose from Oil Slick, Metallic Silver, and Color Changing Green for £4.95 a pop.

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