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Check out this neat looking device that consists of a dozen speakers that allow for non-directional 360 degree sound field, allowing you to basically position this set of speakers anywhere in the room without any loss in audio quality. The only problem would be those tunes that sound best in a surround sound environment, something this concept cannot do. Still, the design oozes with style as the speakers along are made out of translucent material, making them look invisible from certain angles. This concept was designed by Emanuele Patton & Michele Menescardi.

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craig eddy Says: June 9, 2008 at 8:37 am

Lot’s of people are trying to do 360 degree dispersion speakers.
Check out the company OPS in San Jose. They did it!!! I use them
for live sound. Feedback problems are minimized, floor monitors
can be eliminated in most applications. Their line of home use
speakers will blow your mind too. Sony wants 10,000 a speaker.
OPS can get you into home stereo surround sound for a fraction of that.
Check out myspace.com/speaker360.

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