Nokia launches 500 Auto Navigation


Nokia has just unveiled its second in-car navigation system known as the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation. Meant to be an extremely efficient unit, the Nokia 500 Auto Navigation is supposed to get you to your destination as quickly as possible with the least amount of hassles, while providing information such as Caller ID as well as crystal clear handsfree calls. The amalgamation of an integrated GPS and in-car navigation features with a total handsfree Bluetooth solution is a tantalizing idea, and it is nice to see Nokia bring this to life.

Features include a 4.3″ widescreen display that makes it a cinch to search through your contacts as well as making and receiving calls. Digital Signal Processing has been incorporated into the handsfree speaker system, letting you get your message across every time no matter what type of run down jalopy you’re riding in. The 500 Auto Navigation boasts a highly sensitive GPS chipset complete with Nokia Maps navigation software that provides clear spoken and visual directions including turn-by-turn, street, and city names. Not only does it get you around, it also gives detailed travel information for the tourist with plenty of points of interests to choose from.

You can also subscribe to the Traffic Message Channel Service that goes a long way in helping you avoid pesky jams to and from work, allowing you to reach your home much more quickly than others who go through the same crawl every single day. You can also view all the information in a split-screen format, where essential guidance information such as details on your next turn, estimated time of arrival, and distance remaining are always within sight. It is not all work with the 500 Auto Navigation though, as it boasts an integrated music player, photo and video playback capability, and the ability to take advantage of your car’s souped up audio system courtesy of the integrated FM transmitter. The Nokia 500 Auto Navigation is tipped to be released sometime in Q4 2007 for approximately 300 Euros before taxes.

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