Rumor: Nintendo to do away with DS Browser

nintendo-drops-browser.jpgThe Nintendo DS Browser certainly could have been so much more, but word on the street has it that it will be discontinued in the near future. Some of the major problems include extremely slow loading times, limited memory, the inability to support Flash, movies, and even sounds from certain websites. One certainly can’t argue about the tiny screen size found on the DS Lite, and the asking price of $30 could certainly net you another game. Perhaps the DS Browser would have sold much more if it went for $10, but that doesn’t solve the above mentioned problems. If you were to design the DS Browser, how would you have liked it to turn out?

Source: DS Fanboy

2 thoughts on “Rumor: Nintendo to do away with DS Browser”

  1. I wouldn’t bother with yet another proprietary browser, Palm/sony/ect., instead I would work with Mozilla(Firefox)and generate product loyalty and interest through the “teche” society.

  2. My main beef with the wireless in general on the DS (and why I don’t use it) is that it only supports crappy WEP. At least they could have included a firmware update for WPA1/2 in the $30 pricetag of the browser and I probably would have bought it for that alone so I could play games online. I am not willing, however, to downgrade my entire network to WEP just for the DS.

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