iPod refresh is long overdue

apple-ipod-nano-refresh.jpgEveryone and their dog knows that an iPod refresh is long overdue, and hence the suspense of seeing what else Apple can pull out of their hat will definitely set anybody on their seat’s edge. Currently, the world’s biggest rumor mill known as the Internet is alight with some next-gen iPod nano photos (or at least that’s what they pretend to be), although more well known sites have already been served a notice hot off the legal eagles’ briefcase from Apple to take down such…offending (for want of a better word) images. Logically, one would think that those ‘leaked’ images would be real if it actually managed to rile up Apple’s feathers, eh? From what we know, the images paraded featured a rather short and squat iPod nano with an equally tiny screen – some might protest vehemently that the screen size won’t do any justice to videos, assuming video playback is even supported in the first place.

Word has it that this new iPod nano will be released a couple of months from now, which should be about right since the frenzied holiday season is looming just across the horizon. It would be madness to forgo all those dollars by releasing a refreshed model after Christmas, but then again stranger things have happened. Hopefully Apple will stay true to history though, releasing new iPods in the October time frame.

What are some of the modifications that you would like to see in the new iPod nano? Do you think it will get even slimmer? How about the flash memory that comes with it – I’m personally gunning for 8GB and 16GB versions, with the 2GB model being the entry level pick. Perhaps Apple might even support the inclusion of a memory card slot of some kind for further expansion, although that prospect would be unlikely. Rumor also has it that the new iPod nano’s interface might even be tweaked so that it will somewhat resemble the one found on the upcoming Leopard operating system.

Source: PC World

2 thoughts on “iPod refresh is long overdue”

  1. 8GB nano’s are already available, I have one.

    I hope its nothing spectacular. I wont want one then 🙂
    Maybe a longer battery life

  2. Everything is always iPod, but what about the Zen? Creative is going to release new Zen soon as well. Zen’s are better than iPod’s.

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