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Say What? will probably confound you at first, but after a few attempts at it, you will probably be asking for more. And sometimes, be careful for what you ask for – in this case, it is a good thing your request is answered in the form of hysterical gaming moments with friends and family.

The game contains 5 different coloured balls which each rest in a dock on the main game base. A famous pop culture phrase is randomly selected by the game and cut into 5 segments, one segment per ball (usually dividing 1 or 2 syllables per ball). The balls then light up one by one as their section of the phrase is spoken – with the entire phrase initially appearing completely out of order.

The bemused player must unravel the phrase, and re-arrange the balls accordingly to put the spoken segments in the correct order within the allotted time.

With 3 adjustable skill levels and 4 game modes to choose from, you definitely would have a fun time with your mates. Just think of Say What? as ‘Bop It’ meets ‘Countdown’ to get a better idea of what this £24.95 game is all about.

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