Fonies to keep cellphone clean


fonies.jpgHow often do you find your cellphone screen coated with oil from your face as well as dust from your surroundings? My answer would be too often, and I tend to use a tissue or my shirt (when I’m lazy) for a quick cleaning session. The Fonies from Firebox could help you out in this aspect.

Does your mobile phone look ever so slightly dull? If the answer is yes, you could do with a few Fonies. These impossibly cute critters are set to take the world of mobile phone danglies (of course there’s one) by storm, because as well as being totally adorable they double up as screen cleaners.

At £3.95 a pop, collecting all half dozen of them shouldn’t make too big a hit to your wallet. At least it not only looks good, but is also capable of keeping your beloved cellphone free from grime and nasty fingerprints.

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