Sunglasses Retainer


Sunglasses Retainer
As we all know, it is very much the growing trend of shelling out quite a bit of dosh on our designer sunglasses. I also know that if worn when swimming, they have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the pool! This is not so much of a problem when in the confines of a nice free-form freshwater pool where you can just dive to the bottom to grab them, but could be a real issue if you’re out at sea (either swimming, sailing of just lazing on a lilo).

Help is now at hand with the Gill floatable sunglasses retainer – a very simple device which clips to your sunglasses, ensuring that if inadvertently dropped overboard, the retainer will float, allowing you to snare your expensive shades without having to get the diving gear on.

Available from Gill Marine in either black or fluorescent yellow at a very reasonable £3 and suitable for all glasses.

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