Icontech unveils Electric Inflatable Watercraft


icontech.jpgSummer is the perfect time to engage in outdoor activity, enabling you to witness the full glory of the sun. What better way than to spend it around nature? Some people might prefer to head for the hills (in a positive manner, of course) while others prefer to spend a quiet day by the lake, waiting for the fish to bite. For those who love to engage in water activities, jet skis are definitely fun, but wait till you check out the Electric Inflatable Watercraft from Icontech. This vehicle is basically a battery powered, sit down product that resembles a jet ski, and is capable of achieving top speeds of 10kmh, making it a viable (and affordable) alternative to those who are just starting out in the wild, wild world of water sports.

Assembling the Electric Inflatable Watercraft is a no brainer – it takes approximately 10 minutes if you follow all the instructions carefully. That being said, obviously those with some DIY knowledge will be able to fix this up much faster than one who doesn’t – but I’m nitpicking here. Great thing about assembling this is, you don’t even need to carry any tools with you. The entire water craft weighs a mere 30kg (which is relatively light compared to other vehicles in the same class) even with the battery included, but you do have to watch your weight as it can support a maximum total passenger weight of 150kg., ruling sumo wrestlers and those gigantic WWE superstars out of the equation.

A 600 watt motor powers the entire vehicle, and with a top speed of 10kmh (assuming the loading weight is 50kg), you won’t be able to go very fast in this thing. Speed freaks will probably be disappointed, but at the very least this is a safe and fun way to spend a day out in the lake, basking under the sunshine. The Icontech Electric Inflatable Watercraft will be released later this month for $499.

Source: Gizmag

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dana cimmarrusti Says: July 6, 2009 at 2:44 am

When is the electric craft available n where?

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