Hitachi Presents a Pocket Sized 3D Screen

Hitachi 3D display

Hitachi proudly presented their new three-dimensional display. The prototype shown at Hitachi’s headquarters in Japan is still in development, but it’s already in an advanced stage. The display is both small and portable in size, but the model weighs about 2,20 pounds.

The stereoscopic vision 3D effect is achieved by combining a group of mirrors that produce the holographic image on top of a liquid crystal display. At this moment, the technology is being developed to be used in schools showing items of museum in all their 3D glory.

Hitachi 3D display

Hitachi researcher Rieko Otsuka says that she hopes to see this technology used in mobile devices such as cell phones. She guarantees that Hitachi will not stop working on the 3D display until it is ready for the mobile market.

There are also other educative uses being planned as well, but what can be cooler than opening up your cell phone and showing a 3D image for your friends, or maybe even watch a video in 3D?

Via Yahoo and Xataka.