R/C Bomp Dropping Blimp

Blimp Bomber
We’ve had a few cool R/C toys recently and they just keep getting better and better, the latest is the Bomb Dropping R/C Airship.

The radio controlled Blimp Bomber is an oversized bomb-dropping RC blimp with an indoor flying range of 100 feet and 3-channel micro motor jet thrusters for complete control over speed and direction. The Mylar envelope, a refillable helium balloon, provides superior flying action as its almost weightless bulk glides around obstacles. Press a button on the controller, and the blimp releases lightweight bombs. Aim for a target that you place on the ground.

The Blimp Bomber can be yours for $79.95. Argh! I’ve just seen that we’ve posted about this before when I was on holiday. Well, it is still cool so a second mention won’t do any harm 🙂