Flash Padlock drive from Corsair


corsairflashpadlock.jpgCorsair is famous for their line of memory products, and the latest to come out from their stables would be the Flash Padlock. This USB 2.0 flash drive is different from the rest as it offers a greater level of security, approaching from the hardware point of view instead of the traditional software encryption method. Each Flash Padlock comes with an integrated 9-digit PIN keypad that prevents unauthorized access without the correct PIN. Whenever removed from a computer, all the contents are locked up securely, making it truly imprevious to nefarious keystroke loggers and brute force hacks. The Corsair Flash Padlock works across Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms, and will come in 1GB and 2GB flavors that retail for $30 and $40 respectively. Ah well, I guess you now have another PIN number to remember if you ever pick this up.

Source: Electronista

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