New Fryer uses less oil … a lot less

by James


European kitchen company Tefal has come out with a new electronic gadget which seeks to preserve the crispy goodness of fried foods while getting rid of what makes them that way … the fat and oil. The gadget is called the “Actifry” and with as little 1 tablespoon of oil you can enjoy about 2 pounds of french fries that promise to be crispy, yet healthy.

Video here.

Acting like a high tech, stir fry machine, the Actifry incorporates convection style heating with a spinning stir attachment that promises even cooking. The result is using of less oil and healthier fried foods. And fries aren’t the only food Actifry can whip up, there’s also chicken, meats, vegetables. Anything you want that fried taste, but not have it go to your hips.

Sells for about $300 USD, but is only available in Europe at the moment.

The thing with the Actifry, however, is that it misses out on one of the essentials in fried foods, batter. One has to be careful when using battered foods in the mix, however, so hush puppies may be problematic. If one the battered, fair style foods, the Tefal Family Pro Fryer may be more to your liking.

Tefal Family Fryer

It comes with an external basket lift and large lid handle. Digital panel for cooking with 4 pre-programmed settings: fries, chicken, onion rings, fish. And it’s large capacity reservoir holds about 4L of oil to deep fry about a pound.

Tefal makes an entire line of deep fryers for those who aren’t watching their wastelines and want to enjoy all the batter, and the calories too.

Source: Crave

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