Hotmail takes chequered flag in webmail storage


hotmail-5gb.jpgJust when everyone thought that GMail is king when it comes to webmail storage, Microsoft steals Google’s thunder by making available up to 5GB of storage space for users, making a 3GB jump from the current 2GB capacity. This automatically pushes Microsoft to second spot with Yahoo! Mail being the king of the hill still with their advertised unlimited storage, relegating Google to third place. Hotmail users should not stop jumping for joy just yet as they will also benefit from a faster response time now after some tweaking done by the Hotmail team. According to Hotmail program manager Ellie Powers-Boyle, “We’ve spent more time in this release identifying what parts of the product are slowest and fixing those. We hope that you notice an improvement when this update is released to your account, and we’ll continue our work on performance in future releases.”

In addition, Hotmail users who have multiple contact entries for the same person will notice that the new version would have consolidated all duplicates into a single contact. This definitely makes your life faster and easier, and you don’t have to keep track of one person who loves coming online using different sign on names. Just in case you shy away from such information housekeeping, there is always a wizard that helps you clean up your existing duplicate contacts in a fast and easy manner.

Another feature that Microsoft included in Hotmail hails from GMail’s playbook, blocking images and links in messages from unknown senders as an added form of protection from spammers as well as phishing scams. This should be able to help prevent more cases of online fraud, but only to a certain degree. The adage something is better than nothing applies here. Not only that, the new version also opens up email forwarding, although free accounts can only forward to other Hotmail accounts at this point in time. The annoying “Today” page can also be turned off, which will be a huge plus in many people’s books. Do expect Microsoft to add more improvements in due time as a sign of taking user feedback into consideration.

Source: Daily Tech

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rory Says: August 18, 2007 at 2:41 am

however, is hotmail not still plagued with gigantic irritating adverts and a clumsy interface?

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