WildSling water bomb catapult guaranteed to soak



Throwing water bombs at one another is old hat – for serious, long range firepower, you’ll need the WildSling – touted to be one of the first 3-main water bomb catapults in the world!

Many happy days were spent chasing each other round the garden with bottles of water and water pistols, before the arrival of the water bomb brought a whole new look to our armoury! However, we remembered that as soon as our ‘enemy’ got more than 20 yards away they were in no more danger of being hit than a bullseye at a blindman’s archery competition!!!

If only we’d had access to the WildSling! Capable of launching water bombs a distance of over 300 feet (although we are sure we have sent them further!!), the WildSling is the ultimate toy for a hot summer day! To launch your water bomb, two of you need to hold the sling’s handles at shoulder level, while the third holds the ammo pouch at ground level. Release your grip on the pouch and hey presto – the bomb soars into the air before giving a satisfying splat on your target!

It truly needs to be seen to be believed!

Each £12.95 purchase comes with approximately 50 free balloons and a pouch.

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Mark Says: August 10, 2007 at 5:37 pm

Ok so a bit of a history lesson to be learned with this. When I was 17 we had what they called (in Fort Wayne, IN) a raft race. It consisted of any raft you could build for speed looks or anything else down a river and thousands of people would show to watch this thing and to launch water balloons at them coming down stream. Well I got on of these sling shots and the very first shot that me and my 2 buddies let fly went directly across the river, no arch just straight over about 200 feet into this guys face (perfect shot) and swept him about 10 feet from the raft into the water. The whole crowd was cheering for us until they saw he was hurt… then they turned on us. We were young and dumb and tried to get to our car and leave when some jerk, lol got our license plate and called the cops. I went to work and my buddies went home (it was there car). So next thing you know I get a call from my friend saying the cops are at his door to arrest him. But the cop turns out to be a old classmate of my buddies dad so he call his Sargent and they said as long as we turn ourselves in tomorrow we will not have to spend the night in jail. So tomorrow comes and we were on our way there when my buddy gets the phone call from his neighbor that happens to be the sergeants assistant. She told my buddy that she had to break down in tears to get the sergeant not to arrest us. When we got there we had to sign a form stating that we would agree to pay all medical bills and anything else the doctor ordered for him in order to stay out of jail. So we did. The sling shot ended up costing us 1800 dollars in medical bills and another 900 for 3 pair of Oakley sunglasses for this guys face. It ended up breaking his nose and swelling both his eyes shut for 5 days. So the moral of the story is BE CAREFULL WITH THIS THING ITS POWERFULL (and fun till you knock somebody out 🙂

Neagle Says: August 10, 2007 at 7:34 pm

First things first…..300’……cool!

You and your buds admitted fault, wrong move. The guy you hit knowingly placed himself in an activity were potential boldly could occur and unfortunately did. You fled the scene not in malice but, fear for your wellbeing. If this went to civil court, you would have lost. However, the police were stretching there authority.

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