Giant Anthem Advanced 2007 costs a pretty penny



Ask any ordinary Joe on the street and they’ll look at you rather incredulously when you ask them whether they are willing to part with a few grand to get around town on a bicycle. Most people view these as nothing but leisure vehicles or a mode of transport for the healthy (although I’m not too sure what’s so healthy about cycling around town while breathing all that smog in). What we have here today is a top notch mountain bike that works great in off-road situations as well as intra-city traveling. Dubbed the Giant Anthem Advanced 2007, this is one serious mountain bike that might burn a hole in your wallet, but at least it offers fantastic performance with the parts used. Read on more after the jump.

In the mountain biking world, Shimano XTR components are the plumb line by which others are judged, and thankfully with the serious coin (you’ll know how much at the end) that you’ve invested, the Giant Anthem Advanced is endowed with these expertly engineered Shimano XTR components, providing effortless shifting and braking even in the most extreme of conditions. The transmission system makes it easier for the cyclist to achieve the most efficient pedaling and power transfer from foot to pedal, and subsequently to chain and the wheel possible.

As for the front suspension, the Giant Anthem Advanced is fitted with a Fox 32 F80RLC Fork that features a generous 80mm of travel, retailing for approximately $650 if you were to pick it up from a store outside. The rear shock is a Fox Float RP23 that is adjustable and costs $332.99 if you were to purchase it separately. The bike frame itself uses the T800 carbon fiber frame that is not only lightweight but responsive. The total bike weighs a mere 2kg (yes, I can hardly believe it myself), paying handsome dividends when you’re on the road trying to bring the best out in you. With all these goodies mentioned, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to hear that the Giant Anthem Advanced bike retails for a whopping $6,600. And that figure alone doesn’t even include the pedals (!).

Source: Uber Review

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