The Inflatable Hearse


Inflatble Hearse

I can understand people wanting to buy an inflatable slide or even a digital tombstone, but this next gadget is, err, simply strange, the inflatable illuminated carriage hearse.

This is the 12′ long self-inflating illuminated carriage hearse with flashing lights that has an inflatable zombie that rises from a coffin in the rear. Made of durable tear-resistant nylon, the hearse fully inflates in minutes using an integral air fan, and, unlike other outdoor seasonal decor that is static, a second air fan is timed to inflate the zombie once every three minutes.

Four flashing LED strobe lights located in the upper corners of the carriage interior highlight the zombies mottled green exterior, providing the illusion of slow motion as it re-animates and rises from its coffin.

I reckon Alek should get one of these to go with his crazy Halloween decorations. You can buy the inflatable hearse from Hammacher for $269.95.

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