Plush MP3 Speaker and Radio nice to hug

plush-ipod.jpgThis Plush MP3 Speaker and Radio isn’t only good for hugging and keeping you warm on a cold, lonely night, it even comes with a zippered pouch that holds your MP3 player (or iPod for those who can afford it), playing music through its integrated speakers to lull you to dreamland. Other than your digital music library, you can also tune in to the FM radio whenever you want to check out what’s happening on the local airwaves. Each Plush MP3 Speaker and Radio measures 16″ x 9″ and comes in blue or pink colors. It is powered by a couple of AA batteries and will retail for $19.95.

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  1. Unlike the iPod, The Creative Zen Vision:M comes with a built-in FM Radio turner. The Zen is better than the iPod

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