Patriot Magnum PA1200 hits fast and hard


patriot-magnum-pa1000.jpgThe Patriot Magnum PA1200 paintball gun is definitely a weapon any paintball team would like to have in their arsenal. The Magnum uses easy clean, bio-degradable water soluble paintballs (to be purchased separately) to help you hone your aiming skills without leaving a mess for mom and dad to clean up after. Each £19.95 purchase comes with a pair of safety goggles and a reusable wipe-clean target for practice purposes. Another great thing about the PA1200 is doing away with the need to use batteries or CO2 when prowling the fields, waiting to nail your opponent with a hail of bullet fire. All you need to do is pull back the loading level and push it back into position and you’re good to go. A fixed magazine on either side of the barrel holds up to 10 paintballs each.

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