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hp-ipaq-gps.jpgHP did dabble in the world of mobile devices for a while in the past and they have been mildly successful to say the least. I did grow fond of the HP Mobile Messenger series in the past, partly because of the ample QWERTY keyboard that was great to type with. HP looks set to re-enter the smartphone arena with a new line of Windows Mobile 6 devices, with the iPAQ Voice Messenger 514 leading the way by being released a few weeks ago. There will be more handsets to come, ranging from the 100 Series to the 900 Series. Let’s take a look at how some of these handsets are like after the jump.

The 100 Series will take over the outgoing RZ1710 device, being an entry level PDA without any phone functionality. Needless to say, it will retail for an extremely affordable price, although I wonder who uses the PDA anymore these days. The 200 Series will consist of PDA and personal navigation device hybrids, replacing the iPAQ RX47/59 series – expect to fork out a little bit more for this. As for the 300 Series, these will replace the aging iPAQ HX4700 line that once targeted business professionals (and still do), complete with a VGA display. The 500 Series is where things get better, with medium range smartphones being the device of choice. At the 600 Series level, HP ups the ante by offering 3G PDA smartphones complete with a QWERTY keyboard and integrated GPS navigation (now we’re talking).

Last but not least, we have the flagship 900 Series. This will be the true successor of the HP iPAQ HW6915, and it is widely tipped to come with extremely powerful features that target high end business folks. Other than the QWERTY keyboard, the owner will also get WiFi connectivity, GPS navigation, and probably a pretty high end digital camera that ought to give the Nokia N95 a run for its money. The first of such devices from the new HP line up will probably be announced by next month before hitting the market at the end of the year.

Source: Navigadget

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