Electric motocross the ZeroX why it really is better than they say

zero motorcycle electric bikeRecently a number of people have noted the ZeroX. While I can’t typically stand the multiple review of vehicles, this is one of those cases where I feel more than qualified having both designed an electric bike years ago, and having raced a solar car cross country here in the states.

You’ve probably seen the high points and guessed about the low points.

It’s been stated that it does 0-60 “in a flash” and people complained that it was a rather nebulous statement. It does not give concrete numbers and leaves you thinking someone is trying to dupe you. Even if it is a tad slower than a standard bike (which I’m willing to bet it’s not any slower, remember, electric motor torque curves are nearly flat, most likely there is a bundle of wheelspin). In most off-road situations riders typically don’t eclipse 30-40 miles per hour, which most likely this thing is a beast getting to that speed. So what you’re left with is a speedy fun hog.

Let’s also think about what an electric motocross cycle will really mean to people. If you’re a trail, or endouo rider, it’s a really interesting prospect. I myself ride mountain and road bikes. While I enjoy the speed and excitement, there are those moments when a motorcycle comes by (towards or away, it never matters) and all action ceases, since the noise is typically loud to deafening. Now imagine being either a rider, or simply someone else out on the trail. You hear a light whine come by at speed (or hopefully crawling up and past you on the trail, then heading off). Your next 10 minutes aren’t punctuated by the note of someone else’s good time. Additionally from the rider’s point of view, the solitude of a quiet ride off road will be a total change. Wildlife will be closer and less likely to have bounded away from the trail eons before your appearance. Now you will see the deer, beavers, birds, and occasionally bears, along with the beauty of nature you are enjoying (please don’t ride off trail and destroy the plant life, it’s hard enough for them to spring up as they are).

I still think the best thing here is the price $6900.00 U.S. That’s pretty darn amazing for a finished product.

Oh yeah, and here’s one last little endorsement. This picture below is Jeff Emigh (very famous professionalJeff Emigh airing it out on a ZeroX motocrosser). Here’s an additional photo album link to a small race between Emigh and Jimmy Lewis racing against each other on these things.

Also there’s a sweet Youtube vid here of one of these things clearing a 65′ jump!

Oh yeah, and the USB guys angle on it, you can set up the motor with a simple USB port!

Product page at Zero Motorcycles

Thanks Everything USB