PowerKayak conquers rapids easily



If you have a great love for conquering raging rapids in a kayak, you’ll come to appreciate the high level of fitness required to do so along with finely honed skills in order to help you get out of a tight situation. Many a time the thought will cross your mind – “If only I had some sort of engine to help me out here”. Well, this thought is now reality thanks to the release of the PowerKayak from Surfango, a vehicle that merges the body of a kayak while retaining a pretty feisty 4-stroke engine that is capable of helping your churn through water at 25mph, disregarding where the wind blows and current flows. I believe those who always want to be in control will find the PowerKayak a very liberating experience as they think they can best mother nature with an engine-powered kayak.

Of course, if you want to return back to the good old days where kayaks don’t come with little engines of their own, you can always do so. Just turn off the engine and you can start paddling furiously for your life as man goes up against nature. Should the situation get a little to hairy for you, even up the odds by turning on the electric-start 9.5hp engine, open the handheld throttle, and you’re good to go. Features include waterproof storage compartments, fishing rod holders, and an integrated digital dashboard that displays vital information such as battery level, coolant temperature, a petrol gage, and the engine’s RPM. The PowerKayak can be yours today for $2,899.

One thing’s for sure – you definitely had better keep your swimming skills in tip top shape before heading out to conquer a white water rapid. For those who are interested in other offerings from Surfango, there is always the insane PowerSurf FX. This is basically a surfboard fitted with the same motor found on the PowerKayak, so you can imagine the power residing within, waiting to be unleashed by some fearless (some would say crazy) surfer. The PowerSurf FX will set you back by $2,699. Better give your insurance agent a call to raise your protection by a notch before you head out on this.

Source: Gizmag

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