Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine

body-vibrator.jpgThe personal Battle of the Bulge seems to have no end in sight, and we have seen plenty of machines in the past that aim to reduce the flab around your waist but to no avail. The Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine hopes to change that, producing high-frequency vibration impulses that help improve both muscle strength/tone and bone density while speeding up weight loss. Apparently, Olympic-bound athletes use it, but whether it works for their bodies or even more so for their wallets, I’m not too sure. It is said that using this for just four minutes a session for up to 5 times a week and you’ll see a noticeable difference in a month. At $229.95 each, call me a skeptic. Has anyone else tried this out with favorable results?

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3 thoughts on “Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine”

  1. there is a ‘gym’ near my flat that has nothing but machines similar to these!
    they also push the claim that you can get a full workout in 10 minute sessions. they market mostly to posh ladies.
    i too seriously doubt the efficacy of these things and hence haven’t tried it…
    who needs the machines? why not just eat right and get off your fat, lazy behind?

  2. What a gigantic load of crap. Hahaha… didn’t they have machines like this in the 60’s, where you would wear a belt and it was supposed to somehow shake your fat away?

    Fantastic. They’ll sell a ton of these – that’s the funny part. I’m going to compete with them by bringing back the belt. 😉

  3. Will this help you lose weight?

    Not likely

    Will this help your balance playing sports? Yes. (Studies show average 15% increase.)
    Will this help your vertical? Yes. (Studies show average 8-10% increase.)
    Will this help recover from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)? Yes.
    Leg strength? Yes (3-4% increase)
    Strengthen lumbar and reduce back pain? Yes.

    Bear in mind that these studies were done on average people. I doubt an LeBron James could get on this and increase his vertical by 10% but the studies are there to prove that this, as exercise, is better than nothing and, in certain areas, is better than many things.

    But for losing weight? Well that’s just silly.

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