Arena Radio spruces up desktop


No idea if anyone still listens to good old FM radio these days at work, but if you still haven’t made the jump to Internet radio at work and home, there is always the Arena Radio that will look great when placed on any desk. It comes with a built-in blue LED that glows whenever the radio is turned on, albeit only for half a minute. If you want a permanent blue glow to grace your table, hook up the Arena Radio to an AC adapter and you’re good to go. Interested parties will be able to pick this up for £22.95 a pop. If you ask me, this looks more like a paperweight than anything else.

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2 thoughts on “Arena Radio spruces up desktop”

  1. So it is just an FM Radio (?) or does it in some way link one to streaming audio or what? Article wasn’t specific enough to indicate anything other than it produce sound from some source.

  2. Hi Bill, this is a true blue FM radio that requires you to just tune in to your favorite station without bothering about streaming audio, etc. Hope this helps 🙂

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