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finger-vein-system.jpgAdvances in technology has seen more and more devices using biometrics as a security measure. After all, who can argue that a six digit password is more secure than your own iris or fingerprints? Hitachi is leading the way with its biometric cardless credit payment system known as “finger vein money”. This unique system enables users to pay for their purchases using their fingertips only, and field testing will begin this September in Japan. Let us take a look at exactly how this technology works after the jump.

Hitachi will use its very own vein authentication technology that is capable of verifying the person’s identity based on the pattern of blood vessels alone which are unique to each individual, similar to how fingerprints and retinas function in telling one person apart from another. Since veins are hidden securely under the skin, it is much more difficult to produce a forgery. Currently, Hitachi’s own system is being used to verify user identities for ATMS, door access control systems, and computer login systems. Before this system can be implemented to cater for payments, consumers must first register their finger vein pattern data with the associated credit card company. This biometric data is stored in a database alongside the user’s credit account information.

Paying for your purchases is as easy as swiping your finger in the vein reader, where infrared LEDs and a special camera are used to capture a detailed image of your vein structure. This image is subsequently converted to a readable format and compared with the image within the database for verification purposes. Should the all clear be given, the purchase will then be charged and you’ll be able to walk home. While this alleviates the fear of carrying money around in your wallet, the downside would be potentially gruesome crimes should nefarious characters go loco and start lopping off digits of rich folks. The upside would be the checkout counter staff who definitely won’t entertain any purchases using a chopped finger.

Source: Pink Tentacle

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Alien without money Says: July 27, 2007 at 8:29 am

I’m still waiting for “payment used in vain”..

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