iRiver Dicple D5: Pocket Electronic Dictionary and PMP

Reigncom Dicple D5

IRiver (Reigncom) is launching on the Korean market this little ultra slim electronic dictionary called ‘Dicple D5’ which packs not only the content of 39 different kinds of dictionary including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean dictionaries but also a video player, an MP3 player, a FM radio and a voice recorder.

The Dicple D5 measures 95.5 x 70 x 5mm and weights 130g. It comes with an CSD viewer that opens MS office documents and PDF files. The lithium polymer battery is good to 11 hours of regular use, 16 hours on mp3 player function, and 4 hours watching videos.

The iRiver Reigncom Dicple D5 is expected to go on sale on August 1st, at a price of 258,000(KRW) for the 2GB version and 298,000(KRW) for the 4GB.

Check out tons of pictures here and here, with a bonus video too.

Via AVING Brazil.

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